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What to Expect with In-Home Pet Euthanasia with Faithful Hearts - An In-Depth Look

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Dr. Anderson believes strongly that when possible, allowing your pet to pass peacefully in the comfort of their home is the best option. They can be relaxing in their favorite spot in the yard, or in a sunny spot on a comfortable bed, or even in your arms.

You or a representative may be present for as much or as little of the euthanasia process as you want. You can leave at the beginning, or stay until your pet is no longer aware of your presence, or stay through the entire procedure. There is no right or wrong way. Throughout the procedure I promise that I will treat your pet as my own, and do everything I can to keep them comfortable and stress-free.

The first injection will be a sedative or anesthetic, which will help your pet relax and enter a deep, painless sleep. Your pet’s eyes will likely stay open, and they will continue breathing on their own, but I will test several reflexes to ensure that they in fact do not have awareness before proceeding to the next injection. It is important to note a couple of things – I do my very best to be gentle, and in fact most pets do not react (the needle I use is extremely small!) but it is a shot and some pets do react. Generally they calm down and begin to relax quickly, with most pets entering the deep sleep within approx. 5-15 minutes. However, there are times that a pet requires a second sedative injection to achieve the state we want for them, and that is okay – I will have and provide whatever they need.

The next step is an injection of an anesthetic overdose. This overdose will suppress brain function, effectively turning the brain off and stopping the heart and respiratory systems. During this process you may see natural body reactions that can surprise you but it is important to remember that these are not conscious, voluntary actions and do not indicate distress in your pet.

Once your pet has passed, I will give you and your pet's animal companions as much time alone with them as needed before we transport them to my vehicle for aftercare if desired, or help you move them to their final resting place if needed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. My wish is to do everything in my power to help ease you and your pet through this extremely difficult time.

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