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Please email us at with pictures and a eulogy for your pet if you would like us to share it on this page and let us know you would like it added to this website.  Every Monday, we also post a memorial image for each pet we helped the week previously (with owner permission) on our Facebook page.


In Loving Memory of sweet, beautiful

Lily Mae

Date of passing: June 11, 2020

Peanut Cook.JPG
Peanut Cook 3.JPG
Peanut Cook 2.JPG

In Loving Memory of beautiful and beloved 


Date of Passing: August 7, 2020

Murphy Altman.jpg
Murphy Altman 2.jpg

In Loving Memory of handsome, beloved boy


Date of Passing: September 18, 2020

In Loving Memory of 
Gunny Robinson
01-02-2009 to 11-24-2020

Gunny was a beautiful soul. Degenerative Myelopathy took you away from us too soon.  He loved his family especially the grandchildren. Gunny would follow them every where and even collect sticks with our grandson. He was my shadow and buddy. Gunny always had to be first out the door so he could look for dangers to protect you from. He was spoiled rotten and loved ️so much. We miss you Gunny so much.
Run free my buddy. Til we meet again. ️
Mike and Pam Robinson
Angel McFarland.jpg

            In Loving Memory of             


     January 2006 - December 2020

Not just a pet, my best friend, loving, and loyal beyond measure, loyal and faithful beyond words.

If Love could have healed you, you would have lived forever. No longer by my side, but in my heart forever.

I love you and miss you without end 


In Loving Memory of 

Sailor Morris

There are too many amazing qualities I could list about our “Big” girl. Your personality was as big as you were. We will forever miss you and all your crazy antics. How you perked up every time you heard the word “pizza”, showing off your bone after the other two dogs had already chewed through theirs. It’s been hard this week being in the house without you because everywhere we look there’s something that reminds us of you. Chase all those squirrels up there and don’t worry, you never have to take a bath again. Forever loved and forever in our hearts “Big”. 

Love, Dad, Mom, Landon, Breezy and Major

Date of Passing: December 28, 2020

Tucker Hale.jpg

In Loving Memory of

Tucker Hale

January 6, 2006- January 4, 2021

Beloved companion of Valerie Hale. He loved his mommy and all his friends from the Anderson Jockey Lot. We miss you Tuck Tuck!!!

Benny Wagner.jpg

In Loving Memory of 

Benny Wagner

Benny was the weirdest little old dog and demanded structure in his daily life.  He would not stand for his dinner being late (it's 4:00 SOMEWHERE), or his walk being delayed for neighborly chatter.  He dearly loved wandering his yard, rolling in the grass, and meeting other dogs with his Beagle yodeling.  Benny lived with me for his final three years, and I made sure they were the goldenest of the golden, as he deserved no less.  He's now young and whole, and having the best time on the clouds with many new friends dear to me.  Thank you for being my boy, Ben, I love and miss you!


In Loving Memory of 

Sophie Bessem-Asu

Aka: Fluff Butt

December 2010 - May 2021


From watching and loving you grow from a little baby polar bear to our fluff butt. You have brought so much love, joy and happiness to our life and family. We will miss your love, happy and playful ways. You will always be a part of our family, we love you very much !!


Mom, Dad, Brianna & Bella 


In Loving Memory of 

Cheymon Stanford

Farewell to a true friend and loving member of our household.  Cheymon will not be forgotten.  Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.  We love you sweet girl <3 


In Loving Memory of 

Spanky Overton

Our sweet little man, thank you for bringing such joy, love and happiness to our lives for the last 14.5 years. We are going to miss your happy howls and seeing our bug a boo. We love you baby boy.


In Loving Memory of

Shota Johnson

7/4/2005 - 8/1/2021


My sweet girl I can't believe we had to say goodbye so soon.   Farewell my companion and friend of 16 years.  You brought much joy and laughter into our lives.  I am so honored that you chose me as your human.   You are forever in in our hearts.  


In Loving Memory of 

Max Davis

June 15, 2006 - August 9, 2021


Max has been a blessing to our family for 15 years. He was loved fiercely and is missed terribly. He was the best cuddler and always knew when we needed some extra love. He was a protector of his girls and made sure they were always safe.  He loved to climb in the chair and snuggle with Daddy so he could get ear scratches.  He was always at Mommy's side whether it was laying across her lap or dancing at her feet in the kitchen begging for potato peels. He was the best boy and we know he is running around Heaven with his sister having a wonderful time and waiting on his people to join him one day. We love you so much sweet boy. 


In loving memory of our



You came to us when you were only about 18 months old.  You were scared and abused.  With love, patience and time, you settled in.  You were a quiet one, always watching what was going on. When you played, it was full on, but short in time. You always carried a bone and hoarded the toys in your bed.  You were a good little sister to Dakota for a short time and big sister to Sunny and Rebel.  You knew you were the queen of the pack. Run free, old girl, and have fun with Reby and Kota. We will always love you and forever be in our hearts.  

me holding ginger.jpg
Ginger Sunbathing.jpg
Ginger Bar Prep.jpg
Ginger in hands.jpg

In Loving Memory of


Jan. 13, 2005- Sept. 4, 2021

Ginger, you were my first dog (and only, up until 4 years ago), that wasn’t a family dog. Even though you stole everyone else's hearts as well, you were mine…and I was yours. You found me when I was 16 years old, and only a Junior in high school. You’ve watched me grow up essentially, and stood by me through it all. Boyfriends, parents’ divorce, Clemson, law school, bar prep, countless moves, career changes, tears, laughs; you’ve always been there, literally half of my life. You were my sidekick on almost every road trip. You went to class with me when I was in undergrad quite frequently. You were always supposed to be “travel size,” because you always wanted to come with me everywhere, always trying to jump in your purse before I even got it open. I don’t know how to not have you here anymore Ginger. You have brought so much joy to my life and I will forever be grateful for the 16.5 years we had together. I’ll always miss our naps on the couch together, your prance when you walked on the leash, your barking at the windshield wipers, your “spinnies” when I came through the door, having you snuggled right next to me between my leg and the center console, and most of all, looking at how beautiful you are when you would sunbathe. I’m so glad that I brought you home that evening without asking my parents’ permission- it was the best thing I ever did. I will love you forever sweet girl- you have a piece of my heart that no one or anything else can ever have.


In Loving Memory of 


Our sweet and handsome boy Bennie -


Bennie was brought into our home via rescue over 14 years ago.  He was so afraid when we brought him home that he hid under the dining table shaking for almost two weeks.  One night my husband got under the table and fell asleep with him.  Bennie came out the next morning and never returned to the table.  He became the best friend for all of our family that day.  He knew he could trust us forever, and that was that.  Until his health started failing, he was always right by my husband or I nuzzling our legs to let us know that he was still thankful to be here. You can run again Bennie, like you used to!  Enjoy your new friends in Heaven, and we will see you there again some day.  In the meantime, we will cherish every second we had with you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, & Botti


In Loving Memory of

Sawyer and Sadie

   Sawyer 2006-2021

After a year and half of battling Cushing’s disease, we made the heartbreaking decision to send Sawyer to heaven on October 22, 2021. Sawyer's passing was a peaceful and loving experience at home with his two favorite people at his side.

Sawyer was my soulmate and best friend, always loyal and loving, up for any adventure big or small. Words cannot describe the love I have for him; our bond was indescribable. I will forever be changed by his loss.

Please watch the video I put together in his memory and keep us in your thoughts as we navigate the grieving process of this one-of-a-kind soul that will never be replaced.



Suzanne & Marty


In Loving Memory of




I am grateful for the joy and love you brought to my life.  If there has ever been a perfect cat, it was you!   I will always miss you meeting me in the kitchen every time I came in, your playfulness, and all the funny things you'd do to make sure you got my attention.
Miss you more than I ever imagined!


In Loving Memory of


January 9, 2008 - January 9, 2022
Queen Layla Lightle entered into eternal peace with her Creator in the comfort of her home. She battled a highly aggressive cancer of the nasolacrimal gland with invasion into the brain cavity for over a year, experiencing significant relief of her symptoms for over 7 months following successful rounds of radiation therapy.
Layla was adopted from a shelter in Olympia, Washington in 2010 and the above birth date was chosen by a veterinarian. It is surreal to us that according to her records her date of passing was the same date. I had hoped she would see her 14th birthday, however we did not plan the date she left this life to be the same. It was a series of events after a noticeable decline around Christmas that resulted in this.
Layla was highly intelligent, ladylike and well behaved. She came to me when called, except if she was too afraid of visiting guests, wanting to take time to make sure each was trustworthy. She became more trustful of guests as the years went by. Not once did she hiss at RJ, Rosalie or myself. Her sweetness, compassion and loyalty to me will always be remembered. Although everyone loved her, Rosalie called her "Mommy's cat" because of our special bond.
In contrast she was a skilled huntress, no invading small critter stood a chance, and the Alpha in our household who did not hesitate to put the boy cats in place when appropriate. Her elegant walk with a graceful sway made me think of her gracing the halls of an ancient Egyptian palace. Her eyes were a true peridot green, the color of both my and RJ's birthstone.
This beautiful feline who we had the honor of guarding since her adoption is survived by her housemates Tidus 15 and Diego 4. Before her passing she gifted Rosalie her leopard shark, Tidus her large white rat, and Diego her Crown. Diego readied himself with dignity during her last days for his coronation as the new Alpha King of the household.
In her honor, please consider a donation to a shelter or animal advocacy charity of your choice.

riley on window.png
Riley on couch.png

In Loving Memory of 


April 01, 2005 to January 31, 2022

Riley you were our Riley Boy, Baby Boy.

Riley, we will miss you very much.  You brought us so much joy and love over the years.


In Loving Memory of 


Finnegan the Great aka Finn, Finnie, and Finnster

Finn was always a handful - LOL

He loved backing up to sit on the edge of the couch and watch TV with us.

He loved going to the river and could be a real goofball. 

Finn - you will always be in our hearts.

standing up.jpg
Baby on Foot.jpg

In Loving Memory of

Judge Long Von Rechthaus



To my unwaveringly loyal, incredibly handsome, gentle giant, Judge,


You were taken from me way to early baby, having just turned 5. You were the "bestest boy," never chewing anything up as a puppy or otherwise, and as great on command as any dog owner could hope. We were bonded, undoubtedly, since you were just a tiny thing, but I feel like our relationship was growing even more, beyond belief, now that it was just you and me these past 6 months. I miss you squeaking your toy at me as I was getting ready in the mornings, always finding as much playtime together as possible. I miss our trips to the dog bars, watching you play so sweetly with the other fur babies, and how beautiful you looked when you ran. I miss our car rides, watching you stick your head out the window, so happy to have the wind blowing in your face. I miss you coming with me to anywhere that was dog friendly; you were always such a head turner, getting all the human attention when we walked in.

But most of all, I miss how much you loved me. You touched a lot of lives, and were so very special to many others, but I was your person, without question. I never knew that I could be loved that way. Even in your final hours as we said our goodbyes, you put yourself in physical pain if I had to get up for a drink of water or get something for you, turning yourself so that you never lost eyesight of me. I know that you’re still watching over me, and now back to keeping a close eye on Ginger. I hope she’s showing you all the best places to go chase squirrels and chipmunks.

Your love for me was something I never knew existed, nor something I was worthy of. You were my rock and I miss you more than I can even describe. Losing you has made a hole in my heart that will never be repaired, and I hope you know that I’m thinking about you every second of every day. Rest easy my precious Judge. Mommy loves you more than you'll ever know!!


In Loving Memory of 
Tabitha Stone
Date of Passing: May 10, 2022


In Loving Memory of 

Gracie Pearce

Date of Passing: June 8, 2022

unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (3).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg

In Loving Memory of

Paws Hatch 



Paws was a loyal, spunky, and vibrant member of our family since her birth. Her personality was unmatched. She was a protector. She was a road trip companion. She was loving of all members of our family. Although never a mother, she loved each stuffed animal she received over the years and treated them as if they were her babies. 


Paws was ever the warrior, who had numerous surgeries, but ultimately was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma of the jaw; Paws was given about two to four weeks to live. She was loved deeply and will be greatly missed. 

IMG_8798 (1).JPG

In Loving Memory of 

Lexy Tietz

Date of Passing: September 10, 2022


In Loving Memory of 

Max Henderson

Date of Passing: October 4, 2022

 In Loving Memory of

        Mason Rogers AKA...."BIG PAPA"   

         Date of passing: 12-26-22 @ 12:21pm


Mason, we're missing you like crazy! Things have been a little rough since you left us! Six years with you in our lives just wasn't enough time!!! You guarded our home and protected us relentlessly! You were very loving and protective of us! You weren't just a dog, you were FAMILY!! Although Dash and Ace are still with us, there's not another pet on earth that can ever take your place! We're hurt that you're gone, but we're also happy that you no longer have to live in pain! We love you forever and you'll always be in our hearts!


 Love Mom, Dad, Teyana, Keasia, Nikaya, Aaliyah, and Jayden!


          In Loving Memory of
             Baron Nobles
     Date of Passing July 31,2023


                                                Baron was 7 yrs old.

He was a shelter rescue.  He is our last Doberman we will ever own.

He was the sweetest boy. He was a true velcro Doberman. He looved attention. He looved to eat.  Never turned down food. Ever.

He was a bit of a goofy boy. He had a sense of humor. He was an excellent watch dog.       Never failed to alert us to anything suspicious. He loved to run.  

We loved our boy.

And we are grateful for the 6yrs he owned us. 

He will be missed terribly, as he made a loving, lasting impression on our lives.

We love you Barron-boy.  Mommy and Daddy miss your beautiful face and kisses.

  In Loving Memory of
Elsa Nobles

Date Passing July 31,2023

Elsa was almost 9yrs old. She was a rescue. 

Elsa started out called " Eins " ( German for #1)... She didn't answer that name when I called her.  I called out several names and she didn't answer or give attention to any of them. I called out " Elsa " and she stopped, her ears perked up, she turned and cocked her head quick, almost laughing like. She came to me and jumped up and lavished me with kisses all over my face!

Elsa it was.

She was such a delightful little dog. A real easy keeper. She was the most polite little girl. Always waiting her turn. Never pushy. 

She was cheerful and always smiling. Even when she started to decline. She was so sweet natured and was always gentle in her nature. 

We'll never have another as sweet and polite as our little Elsa-pookin'.

Elsa.. our love.., Mommy and Daddy miss you sweet girl. We'll never find another like you. You brought sweet love and millions of kisses into our lives.


One Day, Mommy and Daddy will see you again sweet girl... our Elsa-pookin'.

Leo Pearce-Lupo

In Loving Memory of 
Leo Pearce-Lupo
Date of Passing: September 29, 2023

We rescued Buddy at 5 years of age. He c

In Loving Memory of

Buster Beisel

Date of Passing:November 27,2023

Bella Hughes

In Loving Memory of

Bella Hughes

Date of passing: February 9,2024

Bella was rescued from the side of a rural road in Easley. She had been severely starved and abused. She's so quickly became part of our family and a huge part of our hearts. Bella loved her treats. She loved her mom, Nancy. She was excited for every new day. She loved to walk and sniff. She taught her family so much about unconditional love. What a blessing she has been and she is already so deeply missed.

Tiger Wilson
Tiger Wilson 2

In Loving Memory of Tiger

Tiger WIlson 3
Tiger Wilson 4

Tiger Wilson

11/20/2006 – 2/5/2024

We are truly blessed to have had this little fluff ball in our lives for 17 wonderful years. He gave us so
much love, joy and happiness and asked for so little in return. He was such a sweet and gentle dog that
brightened up the lives of everyone he touched with his unconditional love, tail wags, and kisses! We
are sure that God gives us pets to demonstrate the kind of love that he has for us. Although our hearts
are broken, we are relieved that Tiger is now pain free and able to run and jump with abandon. He will
forever be loved and missed!

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