Services Provided (In or Around Your Home)

Please note that our prices will be higher than a veterinary clinic's, to compensate for travel time and distance and due to our commitment to ensuring that you have enough time throughout and after the process to say goodbye to your companion.  We do our best to keep our prices as low as we can while providing exceptional, individual care to every pet and family.

*Please call us or submit an information request form for comprehensive pricing*

In-home euthanasia – starting at $219 for pets up to 80# (M-F, 9am-6pm)*


This is an appointment where all of your questions regarding the process will be answered in detail.  When everyone is prepared, an injection will be given gently to help your pet relax and gradually go into a deep, painless sleep with you by his or her side (sometimes more than one injection is needed to ensure your pet is completely unaware, and that is OK). At the appropriate time, a final injection will be given to help your pet pass peacefully.  You can choose to be present for as little or as much of the process as you wish.  Dr. Anderson can also provide you with resources to help you cope with grief, or to help children or companion animals through this difficult time.

Dogs size 81-125# = $239

Dogs size 125#+ = $279

***Dr. Anderson is also available most evenings, weekends, and holidays for emergency euthanasias.***

Weekends Additional $30

Evening (6 – 9pm) +$75

Overnight (9pm – 7am) +$150

Early morning (7am – 9am) +$75 (waived if scheduled before 6pm the previous day)

Holidays Additional +$100

Aftercare (cremation, memorialization options, etc) will also be readily provided (cremation fees below).

Communal Cremation (no ashes returned)                                    

0-49# = $79

50-99# = $99

100#+ = $129                                                      


Individual Cremation (ashes returned)

0-24# = $169

25-49# = $189

50-99# = $209

100#+ = $249


Private cremation (any size) - $429

Comfort Room Euthanasia - starting at $99 

*size fees apply; cremation prices are same as above

Our comfort room is an alternative option that is a step between in home vs vet clinic euthanasia.  It is set up similar to a living room and does not have the normal medicinal smells of a clinic, so your pet will be more at ease. 



Quality of Life Assessment – starting at $249*

Dr. Anderson will do a thorough review of history, assessment of the home, and physical exam to help guide you through end of life decision making for your beloved pet.  If humane euthanasia is not chosen based on the assessment, she will leave you with a packet of resources for assessing and tracking your pet’s condition.  She may also recommend you have your pet examined and a workup completed (diagnostic treatment including bloodwork +/- imaging etc) at a full service veterinary clinic to come up with the best treatment plan. 

These appointments are available Sun -Sat 9am - 6pm (*weekend and distance fees apply).  If after the assessment, humane euthanasia is opted for at the same appointment, the euthanasia fee will be discounted to $99.

Hospice Care (following a Quality of Life Assessment) Followups – starting at $129-

**No laboratory diagnostics will be performed at these appointments, and when lab work is recommended Dr. Anderson will urge you to work with a full service veterinary clinic for these services.**

At a Quality of Life Assessment appointment, you and Dr. Anderson may decide to start hospice care, including coming up with a detailed plan for keeping your pet comfortable as long as possible (not all pets are candidates for hospice care).  Hospice care plans may include medications, physical therapy, home modifications and more.  Rechecks may be scheduled every 1-6 months as needed based on your pet’s condition and the medications prescribed.  Depending on your pet's condition, Dr. Anderson will check in with followup calls or emails daily, weekly, or monthly (there is no fee for these check ins and you are welcome to contact her in between if you have questions or concerns).  

Aftercare (for pets that have passed on their own) – starting at $129 for pets up to 99#*


Dr. Anderson will come to your home and discuss aftercare (cremation) and memorial options.  She will then gently transport your pet to her vehicle and take care of all arrangements.  She will leave you with grief resources as well if needed.

Dogs size 100-149# - $149

Dogs size 150#+ - $189

Cremation costs are additional and are based on size and options selected (see prices under "In home euthanasia" above)

Memorial Options – starting at $15

Dr. Anderson can create or help you select memorial keepsakes of your pet, including clay or ink paw prints, beautiful urns, or special jewelry created with your pet’s ashes.  There are also many talented artists on Etsy that can create portraits from photos or art keepsakes with your pet's ashes or hair.

Pawpals Keepsake Pawprint - $15 for regular size (most pets up to 80#), $25 for large size 

Clay paw prints - $25 for regular size (most pets up to 80#), $35 for large size

Ink paw prints - $25

***Fur clippings can be provided at no charge***


















































***Payment due at the time of service.  Accepted payment methods include***:   

DSC_0046 - Copy.jpg
fur lock.jpg

Example of a white clay paw print painted with acrylic paint and clear coat (not included for $25, but shown to illustrate potential for customizing your print)

Pawpals Paw Print Keepsake
(regular $15, large $25)
(if multiple are needed, please let Dr. Anderson know when scheduling)
     White Clay                 Terracotta Clay
(regular $25, large $35)
Comfort room 3.jpg
Comfort room.jpg
Comfort room2.jpg

- Cash

- Check (please include driver's license # and Date of Birth)