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In Home Hospice and Palliative Care (HPC)

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Our hospice program is bond-centered, meaning we not only focus on providing the best care to your senior pet, we focus on supporting you and your family as you go through this journey with them.  This includes educating families about their pet's disease or condition and what to expect as they decline, assisting with recognizing and managing pain and other symptoms, and being there to support you all through all of the uncertainty along the way.  Alissa uses integrative medicine in a personalized care plan for each patient to help them have the best quality of life for as long as possible.  This may include physical, complementary, and alternative medicine (including acupuncture, physical therapy exercises, PEMF, massage), Western herbal medicine, nutrition & nutraceuticals (supplements), aromatherapy (pheromones), and pharmaceuticals. 

Entry into our hospice program starts with an in home assessment.  Please be aware that space is limited due to the extremely intensive nature of our care and support, so it will often be 3-4+ weeks before assessment and entry in to the program can be scheduled.  All assessments are scheduled at least 4 days in advance to allow for full preparation including receiving records & reviewing medical history (required: your pet must have seen their primary vet within the last 6-12 months).  

If you are caring for a senior pet, we suggest checking out the Pet Caregiver Burden website.  You cannot take the best care of your pet if you are not taking care of yourself as well.

In Home Assessment (hospice care only at this time)  

Starts at $500
(distance/travel time fees will 
***Please note that this fee does not include 24/7 access to care and it does not guarantee we can assist with an emergency euthanasia if we already have appointments scheduled.***

It can be difficult for your pet's primary veterinarian to get an accurate idea of their pain or quality of life levels.  Many pets are stressed or excited to be at the clinic, and adrenaline may mask symptoms, which is why entry into our hospice program starts with an assessment in your home.  Our hospice program is designed specifically for those pets that have received a life-limiting diagnosis, to offer their families the fullest support and guidance and give the pet the MOST and BEST days possible as they go through their end-of-life journey.


Prior to your pet's appointment, Alissa will do a thorough review of history (including medical records, which can take several hours if extensive), prepare a customized packet of educational materials & supporting literature for caretakers, and design & prepare for multiple treatment plans and options to fit you AND your pet's needs best - with hospice care, time is usually critical and so we may bring medications to the appointment if they are difficult to source and need to be started quickly.  The appointment will include comprehensive discussion of the above as well as assessment of the home and a physical exam to help guide you through end of life decision making for your beloved pet.  If your pet is a candidate, an initial myofascial exam and acupuncture treatment session will also be included at no additional cost at this appointment.  A care plan that is achievable (not every senior cat is going to take oral medications easily!) and will help your pet the most will be finalized together with you and Alissa working as a team.  A complete summary of the appointment will be sent to you within 24 hours so that you do not even have to worry about taking notes - you can focus on your pet the whole time.  Hospice/palliative care treatment plans may include medications (not included in assessment cost), physical therapy/massage, home modifications, acupuncture, and more. While we do have limited diagnostic testing available, she may also recommend you have your pet examined and a workup completed (diagnostic treatment including bloodwork +/- imaging etc) at their primary veterinarian if this has not been performed recently.  Please note that we are not a primary veterinarian and we do require you maintain a relationship with your pet's primary veterinarian to allow for fullest support and best care for your pet.  Hospice care for your pet through Faithful Hearts also includes strong support for you and your family including regular check-ins and giving you the ability to reach out for answers and help as often as you need.

***Depending on if your pet qualifies for early hospice or advanced hospice, the first 1-3 months of communications and care plan management (including medication/prescription management) are included complimentary with the assessment.  For our average hospice patient this includes 6 - 8 treatments (including physical, complimentary, and alternative medicine modalities & medications) managed acutely or chronically at any one time, as frequently as daily if needed for those pets in advanced hospice care. 

If you are interested in scheduling an in home assessment for your pet please start by submitting this questionnaire and having medical records emailed to  If you would like more information first, please call, text, or email us at  The records & questionnaire for each pet will be reviewed prior to scheduling, to ensure your pet may be a candidate for this care program.  Services may be denied if your pet does not qualify as being yet in need of hospice care or is not a suitable candidate based on the info provided.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Due to the extensive amount of pre-planning and the time allotted for in home assessments, we ask that if cancelling you give 48 hours notice in advance.  Otherwise a $125 cancellation fee may be applied.  If the appointment is not cancelled and we arrive for an appointment but service is no longer needed, a cancellation fee of the full cost of the assessment + any distance fees will be applied.


Our assessments typically take 90-150 minutes.  If after the assessment, humane euthanasia is opted for at the same appointment, the euthanasia fee will be discounted to $100.

Distance/travel times (1 way, from our office, MAX OF 1 HOUR)          

30-44min = +$25

45-60min = +$50

Our online pharmacy is available to help us best assist hospice & palliative patients.  Many items including prescription medications & diets, supplements, dental care options, and more are available here:

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Hospice Care Rechecks & Ongoing Acupuncture Treatments

At the in home assessment Alissa will discuss with you what category your pet best fits into: early hospice or advanced hospice.  Depending on where your pet fits and on what level of support you need as a caregiver, we will check in with regularly with texts or emails (or phone calls if preferred) and we will be available to answer questions, address concerns, and modify the treatment/care plan as needed.


Requirements for recheck appointments (every 1-3 months depending on your pet's condition) to stay enrolled in our hospice program, customized to you and your pet's needs, will be discussed and outlined at the in home assessment.  Recheck costs are $150 at our office or $250 (+/- $25-50 distance fee as above) in your home.  These appointments typically take about 1 hour.

For those interested in acupuncture for their pet, recommended frequency of treatments will also be discussed  at the in home assessment, customized to your pet's condition(s) and needs.  Acupuncture treatment (at this time, only available after entry into our hospice program) costs are $100 at our office or $200 (+/- $25-50 distance fee as above) in your home.  These appointments typically take about 35-45 minutes.

Quality of Life Concerns

If you feel that it may be time to let your pet go, but are uncertain, visiting our blog post here may be helpful. 

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