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Our aftercare is provided personally by us, through our own: 

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If needing cremation services for a pet that has passed naturally, please visit our Furever Faithful website.


At Faithful Hearts, we handle all of our own aftercare via aquamation with our sister company, Furever Faithful Pet Aquamation.  Aquamation is environmentally responsible, energy efficient, water-based cremation.  During aquamation, over a 20-24 hour cycle, gentle flow of warm water and alkaline salts are used to transform your pet into the same cremains (except you get back 20% more of your pet!) you receive with traditional flame cremation.  

We are the ONLY veterinary end-of-life company in the upstate that offers care from a single team, from in home palliative & hospice care, to humane euthanasia if warranted or natural death, to aftercare.  We understand that your pet is a beloved family member (we have witnessed this love in its many forms in so many beautiful ways over the years) and we treat each pet with respect and dignity, as we have done with Faithful Hearts Mobile Veterinary Services in the upstate since early 2020.  We strive to make every step of this heartbreaking time a little less difficult for pet families.

Learn more about the process of aquamation
here (and more here)!


Communal Aquamation* (please note there is not an option to receive any ashes back with communal):

0-49 lb:        $100

50-99 lb:      $125

100 - 149 lb: $150

150 lb+:        Contact for pricing

Individual Aquamation**:

(includes one of our complimentary urn choices seen below)

0-24 lb:        $225

25-49 lb:      $250

50-74 lb:      $275

75-99 lb:      $300

100 - 149 lb: $350

150+ lb: call or text for pricing

**Individual is when multiple animals are each placed in their own chamber and a cycle is run, so that every pet's remains stay completely separated and you are able to get just your pet back.  Private is when your pet is placed in the machine and an entire cycle is run with them alone.  While the difference is symbolic, and many larger companies will falsely call individual cremation PRIVATE, we think that it is important to be transparent with families about this distinction.  

Private Aquamation:

Please contact us for more information.

**For those choosing INDIVIDUAL AQUAMATION, typically pets are ready in 7-10 days. 


The fastest option will be to pick up at our office by appointment or at your convenience via our Reunion Room

(107 W Greer St, Honea Path, SC 29654 - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY). 


You may also choose to pick up your pet at their primary veterinary clinic (if available - you can check with us to see if your veterinary clinic is able to accept delivery), in which case most pets will be delivered within 1-2 weeks.  


Alternatively we offer upgrading to hand delivery to your home ($50-75 depending on distance).  If selecting hand delivery, please allow up to 2-3 weeks, although most pets will be delivered in 1-2 weeks.

*Communal cremains are spread in a

beautiful place! The wind rustling through the trees makes it incredibly peaceful and the ashes help the trees grow. We do everything we can to be a environmentally friendly small business!!

Unfortunately as this is private property you cannot visit. In the future we hope to be able to purchase land to turn into a site for spreading communal remains so that families have a place to visit their loved ones. We are picturing a natural pathway through woods with benches and easily accessible for all!

Communal Spread Site
Communal Spread Site 2


We know that as a beloved family member, the urn your pet is placed in following their aftercare is important.  That is why we offer a selection of complimentary beautiful urns for the companions we aquamate, with additional upgrade options available as well.  We also have a variety of paw prints, jewelry, and other keepsake items. 

If you do not like any of the options we provide, there is a huge selection of urns on Amazon and Etsy (where you can even choose to have an artist hand make a custom urn).

***Please note that if your pet is too large to fit in the largest size of any chosen urn, we will package the rest of your pet's remains in a velvet bag in order to return your entire pet to you.***

If you are interested in our urn upgrade choices or other memorial items such as jewelry or keychains, please check out our selection on the Furever Faithful website.


Tree of Life Urns
Blue Urn with White Paws

Blue Urn With White Paws

"Tree of Life"



"Brass Paw Prints"

Paw Print Tins for Scattering

Paw Print Tin

For Scattering


Mango Photo Frame Urns

Will need photo provided or you will need to open urn to place photo in frame yourself. 

<40# - 4x6 photo

40#+ - 5x7 photo

Photo Frame Urn

(Mango Wood)

Personalizations available:

Brass nameplate (up to 2 lines): $10

Wood etching (2 - 3 lines): $20

Personalization Upgrade, brass nameplate
Personalization Upgrade, wood etching

Please visit Furever Faithful to see our available urn upgrade options with pricing.  See one of the upgrade options below:

Laser-etched photo urn

Laser Etched Bamboo Urn

*will need photo provided


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