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Euthanasia Services
(by appointment only)

Please note that our in home service prices will be higher than most veterinary clinics, to compensate for travel time and distance and due to our commitment to ensuring that you have enough time throughout and after the process to say goodbye to your companion.  We do our best to keep our prices as low as we can while providing exceptional, individualized care to every pet and family.  We know that this is a hugely stressful time and we believe in complete transparency on protocols, pricing, and aftercare services. We have provided as much information as possible here to hopefully give you peace of mind.  And if you feel that it may be time to let your pet go, but are uncertain, visiting our blog post here may be helpful. 

Read more below to find out what makes our certified and personalized care so unique.

In Home Euthanasia 

Starts at $300 for pets up to 75 pounds (Weekends (Sat/Sun) Additional $50)


(please see below for more info on distance, size, and afterhours/weekend fees):

- Strong pre-appointment phone support directly with our team,  not through an impersonal national call center or website.  If needed, guidance to resources to assist with end-of-life decision making and preparation is also included.  We are available by phone call, text, and email.

- Base range house call (additional fees apply for distance for those 30min+ one way) 

- In home visit with veterinarian and assistant - You will NOT be expected to provide physical assistance with gently moving & transporting your pet afterwards (unless >150#), you will not be expected to coordinate with a separate cremation service or expected to wait with your pet afterwards until a crematorium team can arrive.  Providing an assistant also provides a higher level of care for your pet should they have any unexpected needs during the appointment. 

- Initial injection for pain relief and anesthesia with medications tailored to your pet's unique needs.  While many services use a sedation protocol rather than anesthesia, sedation will not ensure your pet has no awareness or does not feel the final injection, rather that they may be physically unable to respond to show that they are aware.

- Humane euthanasia - Our certified, compassionate care to help your pet transition in the most humane & peaceful way possible.

- PawPals photobox OR ink paw +/- nose print(s) - Clay (we only use high quality baking clay vs larger companies using more economical bulk air dry clay, which tends to crumble over time) is available as an upgrade.  We bring ALL supplies for our prints with us, so these are provided for those families choosing home burial for their pets as well.

- Up to 4 fur clippings (please let us know if you will be needing multiple) - Beautifully prepared in a glass vial with a custom hand-lettered tag.

- Aftercare provided personally by us - If choosing cremation for your pet, we offer our own aftercare service, allowing your pet to be cared for by one single team, not through outsourcing to a large crematorium, via the most gentle method available, aquamation (water-based cremation). 

- Notification of your pet's veterinarian - This can be a difficult phone call for families to make.

- Grief support - Grief support materials provided at every appointment, through our support group on Facebook, and in 2024 we also offer monthly complimentary grief support meetings on Zoom.

- Memorialization - After each appointment we give you the ability to share about and honor your pet in multiple ways, including (for those families who would like) an individual tribute with their photos +/- eulogy through our social media and inclusion on our website's memorial page.  Memorialization can be an important part of the grieving process.

- TIME at every step for the family to comfort and be close to their loved one.

 A PawPals photo paw print keepsake or an ink nose or paw print and up to 4 fur clipping(s) are included at no additional charge.  These items are typically made at the end of the appointment, after the euthanasia, so no stress is placed on your pet.  Creating these keepsakes in the home allows you to tell us exactly what you want and make sure we get it right.  It also means any of our paw prints and fur clipping keepsakes are available for those choosing burial for their pet's aftercare.

When we arrive, we will spend some time getting to know your pet, give them time to relax in our presence, and finalize wishes for aftercare, memorial items, etc.  Alissa will explain what will happen and what to expect to all who choose to be present.  There will be no rush at any step as long as your pet is comfortable - we will allow you as much time as needed at each point.  When everyone is prepared, an injection will be given gently to help your pet relax and gradually go into a deep, painless sleep with you by his or her side (Alissa uses a full anesthesia protocol with every pet to ensure they have no awareness and no fear as they transition). At the appropriate time, a final injection will be given to help your pet pass on peacefully.  You can choose to be present for as little or as much of the process as you wish.  We will also provide you with resources to help you cope with grief, and if needed, resources to help children or companion animals through this difficult time.  Please visit our FAQ page for additional info on how our home euthanasia appointments work.

Over the years, despite euthanasia itself being able to be provided adequately by a solo veterinarian, we have realized that there are huge benefits to having two team members present at appointments, and it is our experience that only providing one person does many families a disservice.  It can be very difficult emotionally for some families to help move and transport their pet to our vehicle after a euthanasia, and in multi-pet households the sibling pets may be in need of love and reassurance during the appointment (please feel free to ask us for more info on this including emailed resources if needed, but we do recommend companion pets be present for the appointment in most situations).  And while adverse events are extremely rare due to our intensive preparation and our medication protocols carefully customized for you pet based on their age, breed, condition, and more, having a second team member enables us to respond more rapidly to cover any needs that arise.  For these reasons, unique to Faithful Hearts' care is that Blake and Alissa work as a two-person team at appointments, so you do not have to worry about assisting with transport (unless >150#) and you can focus on your pet that we are providing care for (Blake is excellent at doggy and kitty massages to keep their friends engaged!).  If your pet is shy around men or you just prefer it, please let us know and Blake will stay outside until it is time to transport your pet.  If you are planning to bury your pet, we can help transport them to the burial site if needed. 

We are happy to handle aftercare for your pet (via aquamation) if you do not plan on burial (please look here to learn more about cremation options and pricing).  As of December 2023, we are proud to be the ONLY veterinary end-of-life service in the upstate personally providing our own dedicated aftercare services, meaning your pet will receive loving care from a single team from the time they leave your home to their return to you or their primary vet.

Fur clipping, glass vial
Ink Nose Print
Ink Paw Print
PawPals Print Keepsake, large
PawPals Print Keepsake, cat

DISTANCE/TRAVEL TIME fees are calculated to factor in fuel, vehicle wear and tear, and drive distance and times.  While the easiest thing for us would be to shrink our range, we are aware that many areas are under-served and we do not want to completely remove the choice for those families, but we do understand if you need to seek alternatives due to cost. Our Comfort Room remains available for those who need a lower cost option but prefer a non-traditional clinic setting.  At this time distance fees are as follows, when mapped at time of contact for requesting an appointment.

Drive times (1 way, from our office) - MAXIMUM OF 60 MILES OR 75 MINUTEFROM DOWNTOWN HONEA PATH

30-44min = +$25

45-59min = +$50

60-75min OR 50 miles or more ONE WAY = +$100


76 - 99 pounds = (+$25) = $325

100 - 149 pounds = (+$75) = $375

150+ pounds = (+$125) = $425

***We are also available some evenings and most holidays for emergency euthanasias.***


Please note - afterhours appts are for EMERGENCIES ONLY and therefore are not scheduled until the day of

Evening (6 – 7:45pm) +$125

Late evening (8pm - 10pm) +$200

Overnight (after 10pm) - Reserved for hospice patients as available

Holidays Additional +$100

Weekends (Sat/Sun) Additional $50 

NEW Discounts*: Repeat clients -$25                                          

                          Hometown (Honea Path addresses) -$25             

       *IN HOME SERVICES ONLY for either discount

       *Please note only 1 discount may be applied per appt


CANCELLATION POLICY:  We understand that end of life pet needs can change quickly and we do our best to be flexible with scheduling.  If you are uncertain if humane euthanasia is appropriate, please visit the blog post here, which includes information on scales you can use to assess your pet's quality of life and pain that may be present. 

Because each appointment takes 2-4 hours on our schedule, in the event an appointment is cancelled after 5pm on the day before the scheduled appointment, a cancellation fee of $125 may be applied.  If the appointment is not cancelled and we arrive but service is no longer needed, the full cost of the euthanasia service + any distance/weekend/and afterhours fees will be charged to cover the prepared supplies, vehicle setup, fuel costs/wear and tear, and time committed.  


Starts at $150 for pets up to 75 pounds (Weekends (Sat/Sun) Additional $50)

As we are primarily a mobile veterinary service, please be aware that the comfort room is available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Our comfort room is an alternative, lower cost option that is a step between in home vs vet clinic euthanasia.  It is set up similar to a family room and does not have the normal medicinal smells of a clinic, so your pet will be more at ease.  We provide a peaceful setting for both you and your pet using cat or dog specific pheromone diffusers, running water, and essential oils.  Up to 4 fur clipping(s) are included at no additional charge.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately due to an extremely high number of no call/no show appointments in the past, there is a $50 NON-REFUNDABLE SCHEDULING FEE required to book a Comfort Room appointment. When the appointment is kept, the amount will be applied to the euthanasia procedure. If the appointment is cancelled with 24 hours or more notice, the amount will be held and applied to the rescheduled procedure.

Comfort Room 1
Comfort Room Fireplace

Behavioral Euthanasias

At this time we do not perform behavioral euthanasias.  If seeking in home euthanasia services for an aggressive pet, we recommend reaching out to Dr. Carol Springs at (864) 210-3803 for assistance. 

If needing professional help for behavioral concerns, including learning about training and enrichment for your pet, we recommend reaching out to Feeling Pawsitive Veterinary Behavioral Solutions (Dr. Adele Hilliard) at 864-209-1773.  

Pick Up & Transport OR Drop Off for Aftercare (For Natural Passings)

We offer these services through our own Furever Faithful Pet Aquamation Aquamation (learn more at is the gentlest, most environmentally-responsible form of aftercare available to pets are we are proud to be the FIRST and (as of early 2024) ONLY veterinary practice or pet cremation company offering this option to pets in our area.

Furever Faithful is also a super small local business available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY at this time.  Please visit their Contact Us page to see most current availability.  Thank you for your understanding and patience as we grow! 

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