***UPDATE: We are now starting to offer limited quality of life assessment appointments for potential hospice care (not every pet is an appropriate candidate for hospice).  Due to COVID-19, some modifications will be in place at this time to appointment format to keep everyone safe. Appointments will need to take place in an area or room close to an entrance in the home (or a garage or screened in porch). This space will need to be disinfected and have windows open (if applicable) +/- fans running for at least a couple of hours prior to the appointment. Please have the minimum number of people present. If there are areas of your home (stairs, floors etc) that pose a problem for your pet, please have pictures available so that Dr. Alissa can assess issues and work with you to find solutions to make mobility easier for your senior pet. Prior COVID-19 policies will still be in place. Dr. Alissa will be wearing a mask and gloves, and asks that owners be wearing masks as well. For these appointments, please try to practice social distancing of 6-feet whenever possible.*** 

Some changes to the normal appointment format will be necessary to ensure safety for clients, pets, and Dr. Anderson. These are some of the policies that will be in place for maximum protection:

- Whenever possible, appointments will need to be outside or in an open, uncluttered garage.  If an outdoor appointment is not possible, the appointment needs to take place near an entrance to the home and prior to the appointment the area needs to be disinfected and have windows open +/- fans running.  Dr. Anderson will perform appointments wearing masks and gloves. There may be an extended wait for appointments during this time as she will be disinfecting all supplies, her vehicle, and changing her clothes between every appointment. 


- If Dr. Anderson is taking your pet with her, one family member will be available to help her carry your pet to her vehicle using a stretcher if over 30 lbs. Family member will be wearing protective gloves (Dr. Anderson can provide gloves) and a mask if possible.

- Please limit the number of people at appointments as much as possible to decrease exposure risk for all.

- Dr. Anderson will complete the paperwork before the appointment and ask you to sign with your own pen or one she provides that you will keep. She can run a credit or debit card manually, and if an electronic signature is needed she can provide a pen with a stylus.

- If you would like grief resources (for adults or children, or companion animals), but do not want physical copies, Dr. Anderson will email you copies before or after the appointment.

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