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Faithful Hearts MVS offers aftercare via cremation in partnership with Agape Pet Services (formerly St. Francis Pet Services) of Greenville.  We visit them weekly and have trusted them with our own pet's aftercare.


Communal Cremation (no ashes returned)

0-49# = $85

50-99# = $100

100-149# = $140

150#+ = $150

Individual Cremation (ashes returned, includes standard urn - SEE URN CHOICES BELOW)

0-49# = $200

50-99# = $250

100 - 150# = $275

150#+ = $300

Please note, when cremains are ready they can be picked up at Agape (formerly St Francis) Pet Services in Greenville (26 American Ct # A, Greenville, SC 29609), at our office in Honea Path, or they can be shipped directly from Agape via UPS (with tracking number and someone required to sign) for $25.

Wooden urns can include brass nameplate and metal urns can include name etching at no additional charge.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

tan metal.png
blue metal.png

Private cremation (any size)

Individual is a large unit where animals are placed in separate spaces and metal barriers are placed between, so that you get just your pet back.  Private is a small unit where animals only go in one at a time, and you get just your pet back.  While the difference is symbolic, we think that it is important to be transparent with families about this distinction.  

Private cremations, including pick up of pet or transport to a crematorium, must be arranged directly through the crematorium.

Memorial Items

Memorial items are keepsakes that allow us to keep a little bit of our pet after they have moved on.  It is incredibly important to us to have a wide variety of memorial options available to owners.

We can create or help you create memorial paw prints for your pet, including clay, ink, or PawPals photo keepsake prints.  There is no charge if we use your materials and there is no charge for fur clippings (but please let us know in advance if you will want multiple fur vials).  We do not require you cremate your pet to receive memorial items.  There are also many talented artists on Etsy that can create portraits from photos or art keepsakes with your pet's ashes or hair.

Pawpals Keepsake Pawprint (one is included with each in home appointment) - $15 for regular size (most pets up to 80#), $25 for large size 


Clay paw prints - $25 for regular size (most pets up to 80#), $35 for large size, stand not included

















Ink paw or nose prints (best choice for tattoos) - $25

Untitled design (25).png
Untitled design (23).png
Untitled design (24).png

White Clay

Terracotta Clay

White Clay painted with acrylic paint and clear coat - not included, shown for example of how YOU could personalize

Untitled design (27).png
Untitled design (26).png

Fur clippings (complimentary) - glass vial and hand-lettered name tag

Untitled design (22).png

*Payment due at the time of service, at start of the appointment.  We do not generally run payment prior to appointment as things can change quickly (not ready, pet needs ER care, etc) and we don't want your funds tied up.  Accepted payment methods include cash, card (credit or debit), or check.*   

We do accept financing through Scratchpay, you can use the link below to apply:

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